Ur Glömd Funktion

A solo exhibition shown at Halmstad Länsmuseum, Galleri Rotor (Valand Academy MFA solo graduation exhibition), Gothenburg Center for Contemporary Art (Valand Academy MFA group graduation exhibition, Frames and Stages) and at Atalante, Göteborg, 2013

Object made of plaster, papier mache and wood, 3 Full HD video projections with animated drawings, repeating in different intervals.

"Every relation we face is a relation with an outside, a difference, or what is perceived disparate from ourselves. Kim Johansson is interested in how the meeting with a foreign object may affect the presence of a living body. His works evokes associations to fragmented body parts, alone, separated from each other and the body they once belonged to. Petrified clothing, non-functional stilts, prosthetics and legs out of order. They seem to have lost their function of supporting or envelope. As objects they tend to look forgotten or discarded, while Johansson´s animations depict them as lost in their limitation of motion. They leave traces of a living presence, while an original body is impossible to locate."

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