Projected scenography for Familjen (The Family) by NewOperaCo

Familjen had its premiere on Atalante, Gothenburg, september 2016.

The Family is about adults, children, relationships, parenting, and much more related to life – a collage of short stories that highlight both the bright and dark sides, with a high recognition factor. Niklas Rydén who wrote the libretto and the music want to bring family engagement and conversation around, what it means to be human and to live in close family relationships.

NewOpera CO is an independent opera company founded in 2006 on the stage Atalante in Gothenburg. NewOpera CO try new paths for contemporary music drama. The works are written for a singer with a connotation close to speaking, unlike traditional operatic technique. The music draws inspiration from both classical and modern music, also cabaret and popular music. The Family is presented in three acts.

Niklas Rydén, music and libretto, Eva Ingemarsson, director,

Kim Johansson, animation and projection, Karin Jatta, costume, Viktor Wendin, light, Pär Bengtson, sound Possibilitas, production.

The ensemble: Eric Rush and Sofia My Fryklund, singing, Lisen Rylander, vocals, saxophone, Magnus Boqvist, percussion, electronics, vocals, Karin Wiberg, violin, singing, Emma Augustsson, cello, singing and Niklas Rydén, piano and vocals.

NewOpera CO is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Västra Götaland, Göteborg Stad Kultur, Writers Guild of Sweden and the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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