Stå Sitt Ligg

A solo exhibition by Kim Johansson at Halmstad Konsthall, June 2014

Graphite Drawing on paper, mounted on wooden boards suspended on wooden structures. Projected HD video projected inside a wooden box.

- Every relation we face is a relation with an outside, a difference, or what is perceived disparate from ourselves. Kim Johansson is interested in how the meeting with a foreign object may affect the presence of a living body. His works evokes associations to fragmented body parts, alone, separated from each other and the body they once belonged to. Petrified clothing, non-functional stilts, prosthetics and legs out of order. They seem to have lost their function of supporting or envelope. As objects they tend to look forgotten or discarded, while Johansson´s animations depict them as lost in their limitation of motion. They leave traces of a living presence, while an original body is impossible to locate.

Video documentation from exhibition at Halmstad Konsthall, 2014.
Photo documentation from exhibition at Halmstad Konsthall, 2014.
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