The Hesitant Actor

Installation exhibited at Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla , June - Nov 2014

Commissioned work for Bohuslän´s Museum’s exhibition Häst – säg mej vem du är!

HD video projected on a small theatre stage. Loop, 03:60 min

"In the installation “The Hesitant Actor” Kim Johansson examines our mental image of the horse. A small theater stage depicts an animated projection of a horse, whose body is patched together by a number of cut up photos. While trying to keep its fragmented images in place, it seems to obediently carry out various tasks on a hidden director’s command. The choreography of the horse is based on video footage from dressage, circus and instruction videos in which man lets the horse perform different movements. This in a way that the horse would not normally behave in the wild –such as sit, lay, roll over, or dance on hind legs."

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