A multichannel video installation shown as a solo exhibition at Galleri 54, Gotheburg, 17 jan - 9 feb 2020

Exhibition text:

In his artistic practice, Kim Johansson works primarily with drawing and experimental animation techniques. Through animation, he examines the condition of the human body when confronted with its digital representations. In recent years he has been particularly interested in self-published instruction and consumer guidance videos in which filmed bodies go into great detail to prepare a viewer for specific physical tasks and consumer choices. Unpacking products and testing items of clothing are components that reoccur in his work.

The multi-channel video installation Show and Tell is based on a selection of YouTube clips in which bodies describe the functions and potential uses of different objects. Through rotoscope animation, a technique by which drawings are traced on top of filmed sequences, parts of the original video material become distorted or erased completely. The filmed interactions between bodies and objects are removed from their context. Only traces of the so-called content promised by those who have made the videos remain present in Johansson’s work. The bodies become silent animated figures stuck in endless repetitive movements, in search of new purpose and meaning.

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