A solo exhibition at Vulkano, Gothenburg 2023.

Show and Tell

A multi-channel video installation shown as a solo exhibition at Galleri 54, Gotheburg, 2020.


A single channel video installation, exhibited in the group exhibition "Vad är nytt" at Nya Fabriken, Gothenburg, 2021.

Orders and Instructions

A 2 channel sound and video installation exhibited at Gallery Fabriksgatan 48, Gothenburg, 2017.

Projected scenography for Familjen (The Family) by NewOperaCo

Familjen had its premiere on Atalante, Gothenburg, september 2016.

We Are What We Remember

A performative installation made together with Gustav Lejelind invited by PASAJ, Tarlabaşi, Istanbul, 2015.

Remains of a Scene

An installation at SEL Samfundshus, Norway, 2015.

Framför Före Bakom Efter

An installation at Stockholm Concert Hall, feb 2015 – aug 2015.

Front Window Theatre – Remembrance

An audiovisual performance shown at: Atalante, Göteborg, sept/okt, 2014. Göteborgs Konsthall (Gothenburg Center for Contemporary Art), jan 2015.

Stå Sitt Ligg

A solo exhibition by Kim Johansson at Halmstad Konsthall, June 2014

The Hesitant Actor

Installation exhibited at Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla, June - Nov 2014

Front Window Theatre - Endeavors to Sustain

An audio-visual performance shown in the windows between the entrance gates to one of the apartment buildings along Fabriksgatan in Gårda, Göteborg, 2013.

Ur Glömd Funktion

A solo exhibition shown at Halmstad Länsmuseum, Galleri Rotor2 ( MFA solo graduation exhibition at Valand Academy), Göteborg, Göteborgs Konsthall (Group Graduation Exhibition), Valand Academy) and Atalante, Gothenburg, 2013

Giving Directions

Giving Directions, Site specific work made for the exhibition; 57°38′10″N 11°46′40 at the Island of Brännö, 2011. Also exhibited as a part of the soloexhibition "Next to Your Paper Feet" in Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, 2012.

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