Orders and Instructions

A 2 channel sound and video installation exhibited at Gallery Fabriksgatan 48, Gothenburg, 2017.

The exhibition Orders and Instructions specifically focuses on a selection of youtube instruction videos, where moving bodies refer to demonstrating the "correct way" to perform a certain physical activity.

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Absent Opponent

Installation part of ANIMATION – RÖRLIGA BILDER, a group exhibition with six animators from around the world, Konsthallen Blå Stället, Gothenburg, 2017.

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We Are What We Remember

A performative installation made together with Gustav Lejelind invited by PASAJ, Tarlabaşi, Istanbul, 2015.

For PASAJ Kim Johansson and Gustav Lejelind made a performative installation about acceleration, speed and collective memory of the city. Projections of animated drawings, depicted both real and fictive sites were combined with sound recordings and a live reading of a text about social memory. The installation took place in a small restaurant in Tarlabaşi.

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Remains of a Scene

An installation at SEL Samfundshus, Norway, 2015.

This project was a part of a four week residency, invited by (S)elsewhere, located in Gudbrandsdalen in Norway. The residency resulted in a duo exhibition with Miriam Thorpe.  

The installation involved graphite drawings mounted on wooden structures and a projected animation.  The wooden tools depicted in the drawings where all found during the residency around an old wooden barn.

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Framför Före Bakom Efter

An installation at Stockholm Concert Hall, feb 2015 – aug 2015.

A duo project with sound artist Gustav Lejelind. Commissioned by Riksutställningar (Swedish Exhibition Agency) and Stockholm Concert Hall. 12- channel video and sound installation, projected animations and sounds were integrated into the architecture of the foyer area at Stockholm Concert Hall.

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Front Window Theatre – Remembrance

An audiovisual performance shown at: Atalante, Göteborg, sept/okt, 2014. Göteborgs Konsthall (Gothenburg Center for Contemporary Art), jan 2015.

A collaboration between Kim Johansson, Karin Wiberg an Gustav Lejelind. 45 min performance with sound, live music and live edited projected animations.

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Stå Sitt Ligg

A solo exhibition by Kim Johansson at Halmstad Konsthall, June 2014

Graphite Drawing on paper, mounted on wooden boards suspended on wooden structures. Projected HD video projected inside a wooden box.

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The Hesitant Actor

Installation exhibited at Bohusläns Museum, Uddevalla  , June - Nov 2014

Commissioned work for Bohusläns  Museum’s exhibition Häst – säg mej vem du är! 

HD video projected on a small theatre stage. Loop, 03:60 min

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Front Window Theatre - Endeavors to Sustain

An audio-visual performance shown in the windows between the entrance gates to one of the apartment buildings along Fabriksgatan in Gårda, Göteborg, 2013. Also shown at AM-Public, Södermannagatan 32 Stockholm, 2015.

A collaboration between Kim Johansson, Karin Wiberg an Gustav Lejelind. Included in the GIBCA extended program during Gothenburg international biennale of contemporary art.

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Ur Glömd Funktion

A solo exhibition shown at Halmstad Länsmuseum, Galleri Rotor2 ( MFA solo graduation exhibition at Valand Academy), Göteborg, Göteborgs  Konsthall (Group Graduation Exhibition), Valand Academy) and Atalante, Gothenburg, 2013

Object made of plaster, papier mache and wood, 3 Full HD video projections with animated drawings, repeating in different intervals.

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Giving Directions

Giving Directions, Site specific work made for the exhibition; 57°38′10″N 11°46′40 at the Island of Brännö, 2011.  Also exhibited as a part of the soloexhibition "Next to Your Paper Feet" in Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg, 2012.

Projected on a sheet from inside a small kiosk in a closed down café next to Brännö shipyard. video projection, loop 10:00 min 

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Made for the solo exhibition Next To Your Paper Feet, in Galleri ROTOR2, Gothenburg, 2012.

Full HD video projection of a drawing of a german shepherd being pulled by a rope along a gravel road.

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Exhibited at BFA Graduation Exhibition FRESH FRUIT at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts, 2011

Full HD video on television screen, loop 09:00 min An animated drawing of two fighting american pit bull terriers.

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To Stage It In Pieces

Work part of the solo exhibition  To Tie Knot at Galleri KiT, Trondheim, 2011.

Objects of Papier maché, plaster, wood and ropes. Repeating Full HD video projection loop, 12:00 min

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